Insight REST API

Insight Inclusion Script
struct objectType { number id; string name; number type; string created; string updated; number parentObjectTypeId; number objectSchemeid; boolean inherited; } struct referenceObj { number id; string label; string objectKey; objectType objectType; string created; string updated; } struct attributeValue { string value; string displayValue; referenceObj referencedObject; } struct attribute { number id; number objectTypeAttributeId; attributeValue[] objectAttributeValues; number objectId; number position; } struct objectEntry { number id; string label; string name; string objectKey; objectType objectType; attribute[] attributes; } struct defaultType { number id; string name; } struct objectTypeAttribute { number id; string name; string label; number type; defaultType defaultType; boolean editable; boolean system; boolean sortable; boolean summable; number minimumCardinality; number maximumCardinality; boolean removable; boolean hidden; boolean includeChildObjectTypes; boolean uniqueAttribute; string options; number position; } struct insightQueryResult { objectEntry[] objectEntries; objectTypeAttribute[] objectTypeAttributes; } /* * Retrieves the Insight object key of a Jira issue custom field. * @param fieldValue (string) The value of a custom field. * @return (string) The object key of the insight object. Example: ABC-123 */ function getCustomFieldInsightKey(string fieldValue) { return matchText(fieldValue, "(?<=\\().+?(?=\\))"); } /** * Runs a query against a specified insight schema to gather object(s) using the * IQL query language. See for more info about IQL. * @param schemeId (string) The id of the insight schema to query. Example: "2" * @param iqlQuery (string) The IQL query string to return the desired objects. Example: 'Key in ("ABC-1", "ABC-2")' * @param username (string) Username of user of Insight schema. * @param password (string) Password that corresponds to the 'username' parameter. * @return insightQueryResult representation of query result. */ function getInsightObject(string schemeId, string iqlQuery, string username, string password) { string insightURL = getJIRABaseUrl()+"/rest/insight/1.0/iql/objects"; HttpRequest request; request.headers += httpBasicAuthHeader(username, password); request.parameters += httpCreateParameter("objectSchemaId", schemeId); request.parameters += httpCreateParameter("iql", iqlQuery); insightQueryResult result = httpGet(insightURL, request); return result; } /* * Retrieves the value of an attribute based on the provided attribute name. * @param obj (insightQueryResult) Insight object to retrieve value from * @param attributeName (string) The name of the attribute to retrieve. * @return string representation of attribute value if found. Otherwise, null if attribute is not found. */ function getInsightObjectAttribute(insightQueryResult obj, string attributeName) { string[] result; if(isNotNull(obj)) { // Determines if an attribute with propvided 'attributeName' exists. // If true, saves the corresponding id of attritute to search for value. number attributeId = 0; for(objectTypeAttribute t in obj.objectTypeAttributes) { if( == attributeName) { attributeId =; break; } } // If attribute exists, finds the corresponding value of the attribute. if(attributeId != 0) { for(objectEntry o in obj.objectEntries) { // Possible multiple objects for(attribute a in o.attributes) { // Possible multiple attribute values if(a.objectTypeAttributeId == attributeId) { for(attributeValue v in a.objectAttributeValues) { result += v.displayValue; break; } } } } } } return result; }