Power Scripts Introduction

Power Scripts is the fastest way to start scripting in Jira to access deep levels of workflow customization. Power Scripts’ underlying scripting language is called SIL, short for Simple Issue Language. Even with no prior programming experience, SIL is easy to learn and work with.

Who can use it?

Power Scripts must be configured by a Jira administrator after which any user can trigger scripts to run as part of the normal use of Jira. The scripts created using Power Scripts run in the background and they are not visible to normal users. However, depending on the use case, some Power Scripts features can be made visible to non-admin users so they may trigger scripts in an ad-hoc manner.

Who is it for?

Power Scripts is for Jira administrators or Product Owners/Managers who are looking to get more out of Jira and have hit a wall with other automation tools. It’s for users who do not necessarily have any scripting or programming experience and need a more straightforward tool to get the job done.

Perhaps you have already tried Groovy and found it too difficult. Tools like Jira Suite Utilities are fabulous automation tools but they are all limited to the functionality and features that are programmed into them.

Power Scripts brings the power and flexibility of scripting in the easiest way possible without sacrificing any functionality that might be found in other tools. Many of Power Scripts' existing users started with different tools, but as their needs grew more complex they outgrew them. And, some of them felt scorned by other scripting add-ons because it kept them from upgrading Jira or robbed their system of performance. Either way, they all stopped looking when they found Power Scripts.

Abilities of Power Scripts

Power Scripts is the only product in the marketplace that can accommodate long running tasks. Other products impose limits on the processing, Power Scripts does not.

It is also a product that can generate its own events and react to external conditions (like updates in external databases or other systems). It has an integrated scheduler so you will be able to generate your own time-based actions.

Integrations with relational databases, LDAPs, etc are also present, even in Cloud; Power Scripts offers a safe file storage space that may contain other files besides your own scripts.

Each install may be tailored to your particular needs and it can grow as you grow.


Types of Scripts