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As soon as you install the Power Scripts app, the "Power Plugins Configuration” will appear on the left of your "Manage apps” menu. The Power Plugins Configuration contains the following main sections:

  • SIL Manager

  • Power Apps Config

  • Self Help

In the following section, we’ll show you what every item in this configuration menu refers to.


SIL Manager:

The SIL® Manager is the tool used to write scripts and it’s the central repository for all of your scripts.


  1. Click here to access the "SIL Manager” from the Jira manage apps page.

  2. The SIL Manager interface where you can:

    1. Create new scripts

    2. Modify scripts

    3. Organize scripts into folders

    4. Check the syntax of your scripts

    5. Control how scripts are stored

    6. Configure global settings

    7. Debug scripts

Power Apps Config:

As soon as you download any app from the Power Suite of apps, "Power Apps Config” will appear in the left menu on your "Manage apps” page. It’s the central point in configuring and monitoring the Power Scripts suite


If you want to access more configurations, you can find them by navigating through the options available in the two-level menu:



This is the page from where you may restart, reconfigure, request more resources for the engine and read our messages: