Scripting Support for Power Custom Fields

As usual with our apps, the scripting support is natural. Once you install Power Custom Field, you can access the custom fields via the usual syntax: customfield_<id>.

The value of the field is always an array of KPOption representing the selected options in the field.


//simple example on how to access (get/set) Power Custom Fields™ fields

//we assume we have an issue context here
KPOption [] options = customfield_12345;

if(size(options) > 0) {
    runnerLog("First option id = " + options[0].value + " and the label is :" + options[0].label);

//we'll assume this is a multi-select field, because otherwise it will not work
KPOption nopt;
nopt.label = "Extra topping";
nopt.value = "99";
options += nopt;

customfield_12345 = options; //here's the set