PCF - Regular Expression Custom Field

Regular Expression custom field enables you to validate a text custom field against a regular expression. This field is useful to check the following information for instance: Social Security Numbers, phone numbers, zip codes, currency, date formats, and so on.

Configuring PCF Regular Expression custom field

  1. Add the PCF Regular Expression custom field.
  2. Go to the Configure link for this field. You will see the page like the following example:

  3. Click the Edit Regex link to configure the regular expression.

  4.  Click the Save button, and the regular expression will be associated to the current custom field.

Using PCF Regular Expression custom field

  1. Go to an issue and edit the field with a value that does not match the regex.

  1. If you try to save the changes, an error message appears. Otherwise, here are some usage examples for this type of custom field.

  2. For more regex examples use the search from RegExLib.

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