Conditional Execution

Most post-functions include an option for Conditional execution. Aside from the transition in which you include a post-function, this enables you greater control over the specific circumstances for when a post-function will (or will not) trigger. To configure Conditional Execution, you use the Condition field (Figure 1, right) with Nunjucks templates; create a Nunjucks template that evaluates to true (or a truthy value) and the post-function will be executed (or skipped, if you choose the Reverse option).

To add Conditional Execution to a post-function : 

  1. Select the check box Run this post-function only if a condition is verified.

  2. Enter a Nunjucks template that returns either true or false, as needed by your post-function logic.

Expected value in the Nunjucks template

The value returned by your Nunjucks template should be either a boolean value (true or false), or more generally any text that will be interpreted as either "truthy" or "falsy".

Text: Any text will be interpreted as "truthy" (the equivalent of trueexcept for:

  • A string with a literal value of ‘false’

  • An empty string

  • Or a string consisting only of whitespaces

For example, the following text values are considered "truthy":

  • true

  • 1

  • A string

  • [Object object]

  • []

Boolean logic operators: You can use traditional boolean logic operators, such as orand and not, to combine conditions. You can also use parentheses to group expressions. For example:

  • {{ 1 == 1 or 1==2 }}

  • {{ issue.key == 'TEST-1' and issue.fields.subject == 'Do it' }}

  • {{ true and (false or true) }}

  • {{ not 1==1 }}

  • {{ issue.fields.description is null }} returns true if the issue has no description

  • {{ issue.fields.assignee is not null }} returns true if the issue has an Assignee

Examples of Nunjucks expressions returning a "truthy" value:

  • {{issue.fields.assignee}} if the issue is assigned

  • {{issue.fields.assignee.accountId == "accountId:557058"}} if the issue is assigned to the user whose accountId is "557058"

  • {{issue.fields.description is not null}} if the issue's description is not empty

  • {{issue.fields.assignee and == "In Progress"}} if the issue is assigned and in the “In Progress” status

Sample use cases for Conditional execution

For examples on how to use Conditional execution within post-functions, please see Conditional Execution Samples.

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Figure 1 - Conditional execution option