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Manage and optimize Jira Workflows effortlessly using JMWE for Jira Cloud, a no-code app that delivers unlimited automation executions, irrespective of your Jira plan.

Using a combination of post-functions, conditions, and validators, Jira administrators can create expanded workflows with complex logic while also saving significant time and resources.

With the addition of Shared Actions, your efficiency and effectiveness are increased even more! You can build an action - a series of post-functions - once and use it in any number of workflow transitions. Even better, updating or modifying a Shared Action updates it everywhere!

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Want to see examples of how to implement extensions to automate your processes? Check the Use Cases for specific scenarios and their solutions using post-processes, conditions, and validators.

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Appfire’s Hub is a central location for news, tutorials, and other resources for all of Appfire’s products and services, including JMWE! Check the JMWE resources for ideas and solutions!

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See the Knowledge Base for steps on solving common issues.

Check the Troubleshooting and support page for steps on how to resolve errors and gather information for support requests.