Sample Templates

Templates samples

Gaia for Jira ships with starter samples, to demonstrate its possibilities and features.

Sample Name
Starter Process

A simplified, but complete, software/system lifecycle process that covers project management and technical development activities. This starter process is compatible with waterfall or Agile for software projects, V-cycle for systems projects. More sophisticated processe can also be mapped into Gaia.

For inquiries about IEC/ISO 29110 for Software and System Templates - please contact support.

Agile Product Owner Checklist

A Product Owner checklist for Agile Projects created by to help Product Owners maximize the value of the product and the work of their Development Team.

Use this list to occasionally re-check your Product Owner Score. This can be done via the "Sub Task Progress Group By Task Report" shipped with Gaia.

  • Jira Core or Jira Software
Agile Scrum Project

This template creates a JIRA Scrum Board with 12 preallocated tasks, representing what should be done in preparation of an Agile project (some organisation are doing these tasks in a Sprint 0). Use or modify this template to kick start your Agile projects.

  • Jira Software

Disabling the default templates

Please note that default template can be disabled (will not be displayed in the list of available templates) by clicking the Disable button at the far right of each template description.