This page is about Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Server/Data Center. Using Cloud? Click here.

The add-on offers several settings to customize the use of canned responses for individual users, projects, and globally across the entire Jira instance.

To get to the Canned Responses Settings page:

  1. From the top navigation bar in Jira, choose the cog icon > Add-ons or Manage apps.

  2. Find Responses Configuration under Canned Responses for Jira in the sidebar menu.

On this page:

Once you reach the Canned Responses Settings page, you'll see the following settings:

3. Description field

When you check this box, the Canned Responses functionality extends to the Description field in Jira. This allows users to use Canned Responses when working with the Description field.

4. Text fields

When you check this box, the Canned Responses functionality extends to all Text Field (multi-line) custom fields in Jira. This means Canned Responses is available to users when working with any Text Field (multi-line) custom field.

5. Unresolved macros

By checking this box, you can include unresolved macros in rendered templates.

6. Google Analytics

To better understand users' needs, we collect anonymous statistics on the plugin's use. Statistics include:

  • Viewing of management pages

  • Navigating between scopes

  • Number of templates for each scope

  • Adding/editing/removing templates

  • Inserting templates

These statistics help us determine which features are commonly used and which we may consider removing. We also collect the version of Jira that the plugin is installed on and use this data to decide which versions we no longer need to support.

If you don't want to send your statistics, you can disable this feature.

6. Access to shared responses

You can manage groups and roles entitled to use the plugin. Entitled users can see and use project and global templates. Users only need to be in one group or have at least one of the given roles in the project context to use shared responses.

Note that this setting does not restrict template management, which is managed using standard Jira global and project administrative permissions.



Not entitled



Not entitled




 - Can view

 - Can't view

7. Access to plugin

By default, all Jira users can use personal canned responses. By unchecking this option, you can disable the plugin completely for users beyond the groups and roles selected in the “Access to shared responses” section.

8. Example personal templates

Choose whether Canned Responses should generate example templates for new users. When enabled, users who open the templates list for the first time will have two example templates generated. Once generated, templates can be modified or removed. If removed, they won't show up again.