Using a Template

This page is about Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Server/Data Center. Using Cloud? Click here.

Canned Responses (CR) allows users to create and use templates to quickly respond to issues. It shows up in Jira every time you're about to make a comment, edit the description of an issue, or any Text Field (multi-line) custom field. It also integrates with other popular apps, such as:

  • Jira Agile

  • Wiki Editor for Jira

  • JEditor - Rich Text Editor for Jira

On this page, we’ll explore all the places where Canned Responses is available and how you can use it.

Native Comment Box

The CR panel appears directly in the native Jira comment box, below the Activity section. This simplifies usage for support agents by seamlessly integrating Canned Responses with the Jira interface.

The CR panel in the native Jira comment box.

Description Field

The CR panel also appears in the Jira description field. This can be used to save time and ensure consistency in the language and formatting of issue descriptions. It can also help improve the accuracy and speed of issue resolution by providing clear and consistent instructions or information.

The CR integration in the description field.

Multi-Text Field

You can use Canned Responses in any multi-text custom field in Jira. If you don’t know how to create a custom field, check out the Jira documentation.

Post Workflow Automation

Another way to use the templates is by post workflow automation. Canned Responses for Jira implements Jira’s post workflow function, allowing you to automatically create comments during issue transition based on a pre-selected canned response template.

You must be granted Jira Administrator permission to be able to modify workflows.

Adding canned response action

  1. Choose one of your Jira projects and go to its Project settings.

  2. In the Workflows section, edit the desired workflow.

  3. Select the target transition (for example, Start Progress) and navigate to Post Functions tab.

  4. Click Add post function and select Comment with Canned Response.

  5. Select a Canned Response from the dropdown:

  6. Save the configuration and publish the workflow by clicking Publish Draft at the top.

From now on, every Start Progress transition will result in inserting the selected template as a comment on the issue.

Inserting the template

Select a template from the Canned response dropdown placed right above the field you're working on (e.g., Comment). Or you can just start typing $ and the macro name to get suggestions.