Data Residency

Data residency gives you control over where your data is stored and processed. You can choose to store Canned Responses Pro data in one of 3 regions (USA, EU, and Germany) or leave this decision to Atlassian (so-called Global region).

Canned Responses Pro for Jira Cloud follows the data residency settings of your Jira instance. For example, if your Jira is pinned to Europe and you install Canned Responses Pro, all the app data in the scope of data residency will also be stored and processed in Europe.

Moving data between regions

If you move your Jira instance to another region, Canned Responses Pro data will not be automatically moved to the new region. For example, if your Jira instance with Canned Responses Pro is pinned to Europe and you request a move of the Jira instance to the USA, the Canned Responses Pro data will stay in Europe.

You have 2 options to move your app data:

  1. Re-install Canned Responses Pro on your Jira.

Unsubscribing from your app will not impact your license status. For more information on that, you can refer to the Jira documentation. After reinstalling, the app will be located in the USA, and all relevant data will be copied from Europe. The data will be kept in the original region for 30 days and then will be removed.

Copying Canned Responses Pro data between regions might take significant amount of time – more than an hour in case of bigger instances. During this time, the use of the application will be restricted to ensure data consistency.


  1. Request a data residency move for apps

Once your Jira has moved to a new location, you can request to move eligible app data to the same product location. Follow Atlassian’s guide on how to do so -


In-scope product data

If Canned Responses Pro is pinned to a region, the following data is stored and processed only in this region:

  • All Canned Responses - comment & description templates

  • Canned Responses usage history - the data displayed in the “Insights” tab

  • Scheduled comments

  • Canned Responses global and user settings

  • Backups of all the above

Out-of-scope data

The following data may be stored and processed outside of the region Canned Responses is pinned to:

  • Logs, audit product, and operational - Logs used for operational maintenance and diagnostic purposes and logs generated by changes related to content and configuration.

  • Data in transit - Data originating from external sources that are processed, and not stored, by Canned Responses Pro services.

  • Product analytics - Anonymous events collected for in-product user experience optimization and performance.

  • User analytics - Anonymous events collected to help to understand the quality of user experience based on how a user interacts with the app.

The available data residency regions:

Canned Responses is served from the following data centers in the Google Cloud Platform:

  • Global - any of our 4 data centers:

    • us-east1 (South Carolina, United States)

    • us-central1 (Iowa, United States)

    • europe-west1 (Belgium)

    • europe-west3 (Frankfurt, Germany)

  • US - us-central1 (Iowa, United States)

  • EU - europe-west1 (Belgium)

  • DE - europe-west3 (Frankfurt, Germany)