Canned Responses Pro vs. Built-in JSM canned responses

With Atlassian introducing their new built-in canned responses feature for JSM Cloud, it's essential to understand what sets Canned Responses Pro apart. That’s why we've prepared a comprehensive comparison table to highlight the unique features that make our app remarkable.

Let's delve into the reasons why Canned Responses Pro stands out:


Canned Responses Pro

JSM Cloud


Canned Responses Pro

JSM Cloud

Supported Apps

  • Jira Service Management

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Work Management

  • Jira Service Management

Templates for comments

Templates for description field

Unlimited templates

(Seriously, no limits!)

(Max: 100 templates)

No character limit for a template

Automated Actions


Statistics & Insights

Jira editor support

Variables for fields

(Only 9 fields)

Attachments in templates

Mentioning users

Visibility scope

(Global, group, multiple projects, personal)

(Single project, personal)


Support on the Transition screen

(With extension)

Support on JSM Queues

(With extension)

Export/Import templates

Built-in templates

Smart Suggestions

Favourite responses

Scheduled comments

Default template that is automatically added to each comment

Support for Jira Mobile app

Dark mode

Data residency