Canned Responses Pro vs. Built-in JSM canned responses

Atlassian has introduced a new built-in canned responses feature for JSM Cloud. While this feature covers the basics, teams focused on maximizing efficiency might require more than what it offers.

Below, we present a detailed comparison to illustrate how Canned Responses Pro can help you take your service desk efficiency to the next level.


Canned Responses Pro

JSM Cloud


Canned Responses Pro

JSM Cloud

Supported Apps

  • Jira Service Management

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Work Management

  • Jira Service Management

Templates for comments

Templates for the description field

Unlimited templates

(No limits!)

(Max: 100 templates)

No character limit for a template

Automated Actions


Statistics & Insights

Jira editor support

Variables for fields

(Only 9 fields)

Attachments in templates

Mentioning users

Visibility scope

(Global, group, multiple projects, personal)

(Single project, personal)


Support on the Transition screen

(With extension)

Support on JSM Queues

(With extension)

Export/Import templates

Built-in templates

Smart Suggestions

Favorite responses

Scheduled comments

Default template that is automatically added to each comment

Support for Jira Mobile app

Dark mode

Data residency