Run CLI Actions in Confluence


Appfire Command Line Interface (CLI) actions can now be run directly from Confluence pages. This enables administrators to more easily document and run common automation steps. It also allows administrators to selectively enable self-service actions within a Confluence context using the Run Self-Service Reports for ConfluenceScripting for Confluence, or similar. 


  1. Supports all clients included with the Appfire CLI distribution (with the same version number)
  2. Any server instance supported by the Appfire CLI can be accessed for running actions depending on having valid user credentials for the actions requested. This is the same as running the actions from a command line. This includes Cloud installations.
  3. Command and input data from macro body, attachment, or file system
  4. Profiles can be configured by administrators for common server configurations
    • Enables password hiding
  5. Display options - showCommandpanelhideOutput
  6. Option to render body before processing - macros=true
  7. Passwords in the CLI output are suppressed
  8. dataSource parameter for runFromSql action - same as SQL for Confluence add-on's dataSource parameter
  9. Security control (optional) via Macro Security for Confluence for plugin use and access to advanced parameters (profile, product, directory)
  10. include-remote macro to include content from a remote Confluence site

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