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Feature description

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Tasks without dates

Dates do not need to be specified when a new task is added to a box (either by creation or modification of scope definition). Tasks without dates are visible in the task tree (WBS) but aren’t shown on the Gantt chart until the start/end date is specified. Additionally, unscheduled tasks are visible in a panel on the Resouces module.

Note: Existing tasks that have already been positioned on the timeline are NOT affected by the change.

The Overdue feature is NOT available for tasks that don’t have a start/end date.

Task dates (start/end) based on estimates - behavior

Change of a task duration or the estimate value results in a task being resized. The mapped value (either start or end) is updated. The other date doesn’t change (unless additional scheduling mechanisms apply)

Change of the start/end date value (behavior the same regardless of which value is mapped):

  • change of the start date results in a task being moved.

  • change of the end date results in a task being resized. The estimate field and task duration field reflect the change. The start date is unaffected. 



Built-in Team field is available

You can easily monitor and change team assignment of tasks regardless of the module.


Task Report - "number" type field can used to "group by"

In a task report, you can group by "Number" type fields (e.g., "Duration Calendar Days", "Task Progress", "Time Tracking Progress").

Basic tasks

You can create both Jira and basic task on the Board module using the +add” option, similar to the Resources module.

A task in created in backlog, sniped to and highlighted (similar to Jira task creation).


Tasks without dates can be exported

All tasks are exported:

  • with dates (start/end)

  • with one date

  • without dates


Tasks without dates can be imported

All tasks are imported:

  • with dates (start/end)

  • with one date

  • without dates

Note: validation check → start date cannot be later than end date



After page refresh, the Gantt chart view returns to the same position on the timeline


Warning messages added (Resources module)

When a parent task without dates is in the auto-bottom-up scheduling mode and its children have no dates it is impossible to add dates to the parent.