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Feature description

Sneak peek

Inline editing Inline editing of

the Add ‘labels’ type fields are available in the to Board module cardscards and use Inline editing to change their value.

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Task grouping

You can use inline editing when task grouping is active.

Basic task conversion to Jira issue

You can select the issue type when converting a basic task to a Jira issue.

‘Show all basic tasks’ is available in the Resources module

Basic tasks can be included in the search results in the Resources module.

Ease of use

When task period cannot be changed (task cannot be moved, start/end date cannot be changed) you see a message with an explanation (Resources module).


When you open the Gant module for the first time the WBS takes up 40% of the screen.

Field mapping (milestone and team fields) - in the field mapping dropdown you see only the supported fields (labels and select list (single choice)).


When you are in a scenario mode, change history is not available - a reminder is visible in the infobar.