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Feature description

Sneak peek

Respect Jira screen scheme

Prevent editing of fields that aren’t added to the issue screen scheme

Jira Cloud, Jira Server, Jira Data Center

Use the “Respect Jira screen scheme” toggle switch to adjust the field mapping settings.

When the toggle switch is “on” - if a field can’t be updated in a Jira project, you can’t edit it in BigPicture column views and cards.

For example, when you try to edit a task value in BigPicture, the app tries to find a matching Jira issue field in a project. When the field doesn’t exist (that issue doesn’t have it), the app doesn’t let you edit the field.

Settings can be adjusted per Jira project, just like other field mapping settings.

Note: restriction doesn’t apply to fields that have been mapped.

Inline Editing

Data type labels - inline editing available

You can use inline editing to add/ remove/ edit the value of a label field.

This lets you easily assign tasks to teams and add required skills to tasks.

Task grouping

Task Viewer and Task Editor can group tasks (Scope module).

Overview Columns

Select data type is available for custom Box columns in the Overview module.


Timeboxes synchronized with a Jira “sprint” field - warnings displayed within the app

When automatic timebox creation is based on sprints:

  • It's NOT possible to manually add a new timebox

  • It’s NOT possible to manually remove a timebox

titleHow to know if atuomatic timebox creation is on?

In your project box, go to Box Configuration > Tasks > Scope definition.

Changes made in the Task Details Dialog are saved when you click outside of the pop-up

You can use inline editing to update a task. When you edit values in the Task Details pop-up, changes are always saved. Even when you just close the pop-up or click outside of the pop-up.

Message - task period can’t be changed

When a task can’t be moved on a timeline, you see a message explaining why the task can’t be moved.

“Manual” tasks - duration behavior

Duration of a task (duration working days) is respected by tasks in a manual mode. Non-working days are taken into account when rescheduling a task.

A task start date is Friday. The task Duration is set to 2 days. The task ends on Monday.

Column Views

On screens where column views can’t be saved (there is no drop-down to change a column view) - the Box Admin column view setup is treated as the default. Users can restore the admin view.

Applies to:

  • Issue Details WBS Widget

  • Board backlog columns

  • Risks table view

Keyboard shortcuts

“Basic item” renamed “basic task”