After adding the "Push to Salesforce" post-function to the workflow, the connector fails to trigger the post-function and fails to update Salesforce following the Jira status transition.


After adding the “Push to Salesforce” post-function within a transition in the Jira workflow, the connector is not pushing the updates to Salesforce after the Jira status transition.


To ensure the post-function works as expected, it needs to be placed at the end of all post-functions of the transition, as shown in the image below.


If the post-function is not at the end of the list, simply click on the down arrow located to the right of the push to Salesforce post-function. This action will relocate it to the bottom of the post-functions list.


If the issue persists after following this troubleshooting recommendation, please get in touch with us through the support portal and submit a support ticket. A support engineer will assist you with resolving this matter.

Please include a screenshot of the added post-function in the ticket.