When a Salesforce Record is opened, an [Invalid string length] component error appears.


When utilizing the server package, an [Invalid string length] component error occurs upon opening a Salesforce object that includes the connector Next-gen comment component in its page layout.



Review whether the Next-gen comment-component is added to all objects/pages, including those that were not supposed/originally intended to have them. Next, please remove the comment-component from the page layout of those objects.

If the issue persists after following this troubleshooting recommendation, please contact us through the support portal and submit a support ticket. A support engineer will assist you with resolving this matter.

Please include the following details in the support ticket:

HAR file with the error

  • Open the Developer Tools in your browser.

  • Go to the Network tab.

  • Replicate the error a couple of times.

  • Export the HAR file (by clicking on the small Download icon in the Developer Tools window).