How to install and license many add-ons


The main UPM Command Line Interface (CLI) page shows you examples of installing an app. This article shows how to install and license all your standard apps quickly. An example use case is setting up a test server before and upgrade. This will install the latest compatible Marketplace version for the app. If you are using an EAP or beta version of the Atlassian server that may not have compatible apps listed, it will install the latest version on the Marketplace. See also  How to automate installing add-ons for Atlassian applications.

The following requires a CLI 8.3 client or higher. CLI 8.7 is recommended.

Install apps

upm-confluence -a runFromList --common "-a installApp --app @entry@ --wait" --continue --list org.swift.confluence.cli,org.swift.confluence.acli,org.swift.confluence.table,,org.swift.confluence.table, 

License apps

The following requires you have all your apps licenses in files named after the app key containing the license key. Set the file parameter to the directory containing your license files.

-a runFromList --common "-a addLicenses --file licenses" --continue --list org.swift.confluence.cli,org.swift.confluence.acli,org.swift.confluence.table,,org.swift.confluence.table,
License directory
ls licenses
- com.appfire.confluence.codepro.txt
- com.atlassian.confluence.extra.graphviz.txt
- org.swift.confluence.acli.txt
- org.swift.confluence.cache.txt
- org.swift.confluence.excel.txt
- org.swift.confluence.flash.txt
- org.swift.confluence.html.txt
- org.swift.confluence.macrosecurity.txt
- org.swift.confluence.markdown.txt
- org.swift.confluence.script.txt
- org.swift.confluence.sql.txt
- org.swift.confluence.table.txt
- org.swift.confluence.visio.txt

Add licenses for all apps

With CLI 7.7, we made it even easier to update and manage your licenses with a single action with the new addLicenses action. This will add licenses to any app in the instance that has a corresponding license file in the directory. This works for any Atlassian app license.

-a addLicenses --file licenses