How to get the debug logs for the Cache for Confluence app


This article explains how to retrieve the debug logs from server using the BobSwift app, Cache for Confluence.


  1. Log into your Confluence instance as an Administrator and navigate to Cog Wheel () > General Configuration.

  2. Click Logging and Profiling under the ADMINISTRATION section from the left sidebar.

  3. Enter org.swift.confluence.cache in Class/Package Name, select New Level as DEBUG (as navigation level), and, click Add entry to apply the changes.

    The added package is now visible under Class/Package name.

    • Logging starts immediately after setting up the package and does not require any server restart.
    • The log file contents gets replaced after every server restart.
  4. Navigate to the Confluence page with the Cache macro.  You can view the updated logs in the <Confluence-Home-Dir>/logs/atlassian-confluence.log file.

Creating support zip file

To generate the file, follow the given instructions: 

  1. Log into your Confluence instance as Administrator and navigate to Cog Wheel () > General Configuration >  Troubleshooting and support tools under the ADMINISTRATION section.
  2. Select Create support zip and click Create zip.
  3. Click Download zip after the file is ready for download.