How to procure Community licenses for Appfire apps

This article explains how to procure Community licenses for Appfire apps.

Atlassian Community offerings are designed for registered:

  • non-profit charitable organizations that are non-government, non-academic, non-commercial in nature,
  • have no religious affiliation, or
  • would not otherwise be able to afford Atlassian software

If the organization does not really fit into this description, Atlassian suggests one can purchase their commercial licenses/subscriptions considering they are still highly affordable.

  1. In order to procure Community licenses for Appfire apps, make sure to procure Atlassian Community license for the Atlassian server software products by filling the Atlassian Community License Application Form from this link Atlassian Community License Request.
  2. After procuring Community license for Atlassian products, one can procure Appfire apps by filling the Additional License Request Form (NP/OS/CR) from this link Appfire Community License Request.