How to generate a trial/evaluation license for Appfire apps [SUPPORTS]

This article provides step-by-step instructions to generate a trial/evaluation license for Appfire apps.


  1. Go to Atlassian Marketplace using the URL:
  2. Search for the app that needs to be applied with an evaluation license:

  3. Go to Versions and click See all versions.

  4. Select the required version of the app which is compatible with Server (or) Datacenter and click Try.
  5. Provide your organization name and click Generate License.
  6. Copy the generated evaluation license key.
  7. Open the browser and type <URl of your instance>/plugins/servlet/upm.
  8. Select the app and go to the license key, click pencil icon and paste the license key. 

  9. Click Update. You notice that the licence is applied and the app is ready for your use.
This applies to all the Atlassian products.