KB : Quick install Jira for test / troubleshooting

This is a script that I have created to quickly install any version of Jira that I might need to reproduce an issue. It’s bare-bones and can be improved, but I wanted to share as it can help some people.

It assumes that you have Java installed and the $JAVA_HOME properly set. If you have not done that yet, you can follow the Installing Java documentation.

It also assumes that you have ~/deployments/downloads on your system. Create it before hand with: mkdir -p ~/deployments/downloads
Or modify the script if you wish. :)

Step 1

Download the script:

#!/bin/bash version=$1 package="atlassian-jira-software"\-$version download_jira () { wget <https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/downloads/binary/$package.zip> } cd ~/deployments/downloads download_jira $version cd ../ unzip downloads/$package.zip mv $package"-standalone" "jira"$version cd jira$version mkdir jira-home echo --- echo "Please go into your new Jira installation and then you need to do something" echo "like 'echo jira.home=/path/to/jira-home > atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/jira-application.properties'" echo "to set the Jira Home. Once you have done that, you can start it with 'bin/start-jira.sh'" echo ---

I call it jira.sh

Step 2

Save it somewhere and if you want, you can set a path to be able to run from anywhere, or just at your downloads folder.

Step 3

Give permissions. You can do chmod +x jira.sh

Step 4

Use it. If you want Jira version 8.13.4, you run it like:
./jira.sh 8.13.4

It will download, unzip, create a jira-home directory and have it ready for you to set the jira-home and start it.

Misc information

In the future, I plan to add more functionality such as setting the jira-home automatically and some additional options to which paths to use. But for now, it suits my needs.

PS: I’m aware of Docker and sometimes I use. But when I quickly need a version of Jira, I find my script faster.