Gaia for Jira - Project Template Manager FAQs


This article provides answers to a few common questions on the Gaia for Jira - Project Template Manager app.

Yes, if one needs to have the project Default Assignee = Unassigned, make the Project default assignee Empty and uncheck the “Use the assignee from the XML file“. Refer to the below screenshot:

A user name may be provided by unchecking the Use the assignee from the XML file option which will take the user from the Jira Internal User directory. If Use the assignee from the XML file is checked, provide the correct XML file with the “xml” extension which may contain the user details.

By default, the Issue template is set to Do not import a Jira issues file. If Import a JIRA issues file is selected, then specify an XML Jira issues file in your template. This file is a set of predefined issues that will be instantiated with a new project.

The Jira issues file(XML) is stored on the server. If an issue type in the Jira Issue file is not in the issue type scheme selected, Gaia will choose the default issue type from the default issue type scheme. Refer to this document for more information.

Typically, this file is located within the Gaia app directory. Please note that the file path may vary depending on the Jira installation. The XML file may be found in the following location:


Yes. If the XML file is not properly created, the project Default Assignee value does not show properly. The XML specification defines "predefined entities" representing special characters, and requires that all XML processors honor them. These characters need to be escaped to obtain a well-formed document. Please refer


Please note: The behavior of Gaia is different when a new project is created using Gaia template by hand (through GUI), or calling Gaia REST API.

  • When the Gaia REST API is called, the resulting project has the setting: Default Assignee = Project Lead always, although in the Gaia template the setting says Project default assignee field is empty.

  • When this is done by hand (using GUI), the resulting project has the setting: Default Assignee = Unassigned always.

  • Currently, there is no way to set the project Default Assignee as Unassigned for the method “Create a project” in REST API for version 1.17.2 and below versions.


From version 1.17.3 version, we can set the Default Assignee as Unassigned using the same method “Create a project” in REST API as mentioned here