Bodied Macro can't be nested in a MultiExcerpt (Fabric/V2 Page Editor)


For Multiexcerpt - Cloud:  I cannot add a Macro like Expand in a Multiexcerpt macro. The macro gets created outside the table when I try to add it.

This happens only in the new fabric(V2) page editor.  This is only an issue in Confluence Cloud.

It works for the old editor.  Atlassian says, "The legacy editor isn't going anywhere"  

Why it Happens

Atlassian has announced that the new fabric(V2) page editor will not support nesting in Bodied Macros. The Multiexcerpt macros are rich-text body macros.

See Atlassian's announcement about nesting in the fabric(V2) page editor Roadmap: Confluence Cloud Editor Roadmap 

Some examples of Atlassian macros that cannot be nested in MultiExcerpt: Expand, layouts, JiraRoadmap, etc.  Any rich-text body macro is affected by this behavior. This behavior is repeated in Atlassian's Excerpt Macro which our MultiExcerpt was based on. 

See also Introducing live macros to support a new editing experience in Confluence Cloud in the Atlassian Developer blog.  Search for "Deprecation of Nested Bodied Macros" on that page.


Give your feedback to Atlassian about their decision to stop supporting nesting Bodied macros by voting on or commenting on CONFCLOUD-68323.