Searching in Cloud for MultiExcerpt or MultiExcerpt Includes

Atlassian general search can be flaky at times when you are looking for Macros. You can use the API search for better accuracy; however, it has a limit of 250 results, and the results are not as easily read.

To use the REST API search function, you will need to add the below search after your instance URL.

Below are two sets of queries; the first set searches for the MultiExcerpt and the second the MultiExcerpt Include.

The first line of each set will give you all pages that have the macro on it up to the 1st 25 uses. The second line will raise the limit to 250. 

The limit is Atlassian's, and you can type a larger number in the line; however, you will still not get more than 250 results because Atlassian's search REST API pagination is broken.



Atlassian's Documentation on using the API search indicates that if you have beyond 250, you can add some more language to start over after the 1st 250 results, but in practice, we have not found that to work.  It will not paginate the result correctly. If you have more than 250 results, we recommend you review the documents and open a ticket with Atlassian for further assistance. 

Below is some documentation on the process by Atlassian.

Advanced searching using CQL

The Confluence Cloud REST API

We have a few new features that we'd love to have your vote or feedback on to make this process easier as we gather interest for their implementation. 

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MEPOD-58 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MEPOD-9 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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