Issues with Confluence's new version 2 "fabric" editor / macro not found for pages with colon in name

Confluence is rolling out a new editor. There is currently an Atlassian bug where when editing content in an app macro it sometimes requires a screen refresh to see those changes.

If you are fighting with rendering/usability issues for the new page editor then remember that Atlassian has committed to keeping the old page editor:  Atlassian says, "The legacy editor isn't going anywhere"

Error Message

No macro found named "<a name>" on page "Excerpts" in space "<Space Name>". If you're experiencing issues please see our Troubleshooting Guide

The issue here could be that the colon ":" in the 'page name is what Confluence uses to denote a 'Confluence Space Key".

For example:

A page name could be: "Helpful Information"

A page with that name in another space with space key of "FUN" would be denoted in Confluence as: "FUN:Helpful Information"

In this case "FUN" is the space key. But if the name of the page is acutally "FUN: Helpful Information", then Confluence gets confused.

We are currently looking at a fix for this.

Workaround: If you are able to change the name of the page with the "multiexcerpts" to not have a colon ":" in the pagename, this will all work.
For example changing: "Fun: Helpful Information"


"Fun Helpful Information"