Error 403 when trying to access Easy Form Admin page

NOTE: this issue should not be common after version 1.7.1, where the permission check for the Easy Form admin page was changed to use a permission check for the global permission "Confluence Administrator" instead of checking for membership in the "confluence-administrators" group.  See EASY-154.

As an Admin for Confluence pages, I am attempting to access the Easy Form Admin page and receiving a 403 Error. 

Need to make sure you have the global permission "Confluence Administrators"

Use the Global Permissions tool in Confluence to set this permission for groups or specific users.  For example, your admins may be in a group that is defined in an external LDAP user/group store and you want to give that group the "Confluence Adminstrators" permission because you don't have a "confluence-administrators" group in LDAP.