Problems searching for a page name to pair a MultiExcerpt when your site has multiple pages with same/similar names

Can't find your MultiExcerpt Page?

Searching for a page in MultiExerpt when you have many pages that share the start or have similar names can be difficult as the search results are limited to 25 results and may not show the one that you need. 

  • If you are having a hard time finding the page that you need, you can:
    • Search for your MultiExcerpt using the full name of the page. You can copy the page name from the address bar and put that in the search field. Make sure to include the + symbols               
    • If your page name is only one word long and your page is not showing in the 25 options available.
      • Add a number(s) to the end of the page title
      • Connect the MutliExcerpt and the MultiExcerpt Include
      • Return to the page and return the name to the original one. The Macro will adjust to the page name change. 

We have a few features that we'd love to have your vote or feedback on to make this process easier as we gather interest for their implementation. 

MEPOD-143 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MEPOD-156 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MEPOD-160 - Getting issue details... STATUS

MEPOD-169 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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