Managing Rich Filters

The Rich filters list page allows you to create, navigate through, and edit existing rich filters. To access the Rich Filters list page, simply open the Issues section of Jira’s main menu and click on Manage rich filters.

By default, the Rich filters list page lists all the rich filters you can view. (See Rights and Permissions for more about access rights.)

Once you are on the Manage Rich Filters page, you can do the following operations:

To do the following:

Do this:

To do the following:

Do this:

Create a new Rich Filter

You need to have the Create Rich Filters permission to perform this operation.

Click on the Create rich filter button at the top-right of the screen.

Choose a name, select an existing native Jira saved filter as a base for your rich filter, and click on the Create rich filter button.

Find an Existing Rich Filter

Use the search box at the top left to search for rich filters, based on their name, their Jira saved filter’s name, and their administrators.

You can see only the rich filters based on Jira saved filters shared with you and the rich filters you’re an administrator of. If you are an administrator of a rich filter but the base Jira saved filter is not shared with you, then you'll be able to see the rich filter but not the filter it's based on (you'll see only the ID of the filter and you'll be able to change it if you want).

View/Edit the configuration of a Rich Filter

If you can see a rich filter on the Rich filters list page, you can also view its configuration. However, only the rich filter’s administrators and Jira Administrators can change (edit) its configuration. See the Rights and Permissions section for more about access rights.

Simply click on the rich filter’s name.

You can also click the Configure option in the menu at the right of each rich filter.

Copy (duplicate) a Rich Filter

Click on the Copy option in the menu at the right of each rich filter.

Insert the name of the new rich filter and click on the Create button. A new rich filter identical to the first one but with the name you have inserted will be created.

Delete a Rich Filter

Click on the Delete option in the menu at the right of each rich filter.