What is Dashboard Hub Pro and how does this release impact current users

On this page, you’ll find everything about the new Dashboard Hub Pro release to answer questions you might have.


What is Dashboard Hub Pro?

Dashboard Hub Pro is the evolution of Dashboard Hub for Jira with lots of new powerful features – plus the best Dataplane Reports functionalities, but in Cloud (Dataplane is only available in Data Center).

Is Dashboard Hub Pro a new app?

Dashboard Hub Pro is not a new app, but a Dashboard Hub for Jira major release. Dataplane’s best features and other additional functionalities are been implemented into Dashboard Hub, creating a much more powerful and complete app, renamed as Dashboard Hub Pro.

What value does this major update bring?

  • Dashboard Hub Pro builds new value for current Dashboard Hub customers.

    • New gadgets, capabilities, and powerful features that will help current Dashboard Hub customers elevate even more their work.

    • Cover more use cases, appeal to larger customers, and support future price increases.

    • Improved performance.

  • Dashboard Hub Pro becomes the Dataplane Reports Cloud counterpart.

    • Ensures that Dataplane Server/DC customers retain the most important/used/familiar features of the Dataplane Reports product when continuing in Cloud.

  • Dashboard Hub Pro merges two powerful reporting apps – Dashboard Hub and Dataplane – into one, ultimate business intelligence and reporting app.

    • Dashboard Hub Pro is set to redefine the way organizations harness the power of their data, empowering businesses of all sizes to extract and report on meaningful intelligence effortlessly.

    • Dataplane's robust analytic reports are combined with Dashboard Hub’s non-tech custom charting and reporting, making data mastery available for anyone.

    • Additionally, it becomes the Dataplane Cloud counterpart, providing a smooth transition to Cloud through JCMA for Dataplane Server/DC customers.

How does this release impact me?

For current Dashboard Hub for Jira customers, you can start taking advantage of the new features straight away. This means that new and powerful capabilities are (and will be) unlocked for your teams, empowering you to create your best work. To support the extended functionalities, a price adjustment will take place in the 2024 summer season.

For current Dataplane customers, Dataplane Reports for Jira will remain to be the same app with the same features. If you’re looking for enhanced functionalities or migrating to Cloud, we encourage migrating to Dashboard Hub Pro. Learn more about feature parity and the migration process in our documentation, plus check this video on how the automatic migration of reports work.

For non-customers looking to take control over their data, Dashboard Hub Pro is the best app to empower your team to gain critical control over your data regardless of technical skills. Take advantage of the 30-day free trial to try it and address your concrete business needs.

What new features and functionalities will be implemented?

On top of Dashboard Hub’s good old features (Custom charts with JQL and formulas, external secure and fast sharing, nearly 100 pre-built metrics and indicators, 14+ product integrations, multi-instance data, dynamic filtering, etc) here’s the list of new functionalities supported by Dashboard Hub Pro at launch:

But that’s not all. Dashboard Hub Pro’s full set of features will be released over the course of the year. We’ll continue working to implement the following functionalities in the short-term:

  • Work Log and Historical Reports

  • Datasource permissions

  • Scheduled reports

  • Export to PDF

  • And much more!

Will there be a price increase?

Yes, to align with the added value resulting from the implementation of these new features and functionalities, there will be a price adjustment effective in the summer season of 2024.


Do you have any questions or need help?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any specific questions or need assistance

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