BigPicture Integration


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What does it do?

The Dashboard Hub Pro and BigPicture integration brings the BigPicture powerful project portfolio for data management into the Dashboard Hub centralized and sharable dashboards.

Create custom visual charts with your project data and generate centralized dashboards to grant stakeholders and managers a unified view of multiple projects, progress, resource utilization, and overall status.

How does it work?

Users can now add the new BigPicture Custom Charts gadget to their dashboards and shape their project portfolio management data visualization according to their unique needs.

What problems does it solve for the end user?

It expands data visualization over BigPicture built-in reports, allowing more customization, flexibility, and shareability in your reporting process.

With this integration, what can users do now that they couldn’t before?

Users can:

  • Create custom BigPicture charts and dashboards.

  • Share dashboards externally with password-protected links, in seconds.

  • Combine and integrate different data sources, instances, and products into the same dashboard – creating a single reference point for their team. By having all the data in the same place, users can stop jumping from one tool to another. Teams migrating can display data from different instances to ease their migration journey.

  • Access the BigPicture metrics from Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, or even thanks to the Dashboard Hub family of apps.

  • Leverage all Dashboard Hub powerful features:

    • Advanced restrictions/permissions on charts and dashboards.

    • Dynamic filtering.

    • Creating custom charts with JQL and formulas.

    • Use of templates.

    • Nearly 100 pre-built Jira metrics, and more.

What are the benefits of using this integration?

The integration improves and expands BigPicture data visualization and reporting functionalities, using powerful, and highly shareable dashboards and custom charts to report on BigPicture data.

How does it help work to flow better?

When using Dashboard Hub to visualize and report on BigPicture data, users gain better visualization and control over key insights.

What is the most important feature everyone should know about this integration?

Besides improving visualization and simplifying reporting of BigPicture data, Dashboard Hub becomes the central data hub where teams align and coordinate – saving teams from jumping through different tools to fetch data.

This is achieved by leveraging Dashboard Hub product integrations and creating unified and centralized dashboards where teams can check all their relevant data across products, at a glance.

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