Dashboard Functions

This page lists all the available functions used to manipulate dashboards and gadgets.

Structures used in cloud:


int id; // the id of the permission string type; // the type of the permission string object; //the corresponding object id, see notes

Type must be one of the following:

  • "user" - object must be the accountId

  • "group" - object must be groupid

  • "project" - object must be projectKey

  • "projectRole" - object must have this form projectKey|roleId

  • "global" - object value is discarded

  • "loggedin" - object value is discarded


string id; //id string name; // name string description; //description string viewUrl; // the direct url to view this dashboard boolean system; //true if it's a system dashboard string owner; //the owner. For system dashboards it's the admin int refreshInterval; // auto-refresh in millis int popularity; // popularity. how many times favourited by users int rank; //rank JSharePermission [] editPermissions; // edit perms JSharePermission [] sharePermissions; //share perms


int id; //id of the gadget instance string moduleKey; //uri or module key must be non-null string title; //mandatory. string uri; //uri or module key must be non-null string color; //standard colors only: "blue", "red", "yellow", "green", "cyan", "purple", "gray", "white" int row; //row, index starts at 0 int column; //column. index starts at 0


Manipulating dashboards & their permissions

Modifying a dashboard