Release notes - Cloud

This page provides an overview of the release specific features and improvements for the Polls for Confluence app.

June, 2023

This release focusses on the introduction of four new parameters to poll configuration to gain better control on who can see, vote on polls and who can view the poll report.

The new poll configuration parameters are as follows:





  • Voters

  • Voter groups

Specify a list with names of the users and/or groups who are allowed to vote for the specific poll. Other users and/or groups cannot vote for that poll if this parameter is given. If left blank, only those user(s) and/or group member(s) who were given the poll URL can vote.

  • Report viewers

  • Report viewer groups

Specify a list with names of the users and/or groups who are able to view the poll status report. Administrators and poll creator can always view the poll report whether the parameter is provided or is left blank. If this parameter is populated, the other users and/groups will only see a disabled View Report option in the poll and View poll report icon () in the Polls list view.

Show pending voters

View voters who have yet to vote from the voter list that are available in the poll report.

You can see the avatars of voters (with profile picture and name) who can vote below the All voters, Pending voters and Users voted options. The voters who have voted are shown with a green tick mark whereas the users who have yet to vote are shown with a red cross mark.

  • This parameter is applicable only if users and/or groups are mentioned in the Voters and/or Voter groups parameters.

  • The details about the voters for the poll can be seen in the poll report only if this parameter is enabled.

  • Only those users and/or groups mentioned in the Report viewers and/or Report viewer groups can see this list.

For more information about these parameters, read the How to create and vote in a poll tutorial.

If you have any issues with the feature or the app, please contact our excellent support team for help.


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