Delete poll

Deletes a poll.

  • Deletes a poll using the provided poll ID.

  • Response returns code 200 if the poll deletion was successful else error messages are generated. See Error codes.

The operation uses basic authentication.

Resource URL

DELETE Method on <ConfluenceBaseURL>/rest/polls/1.0/poll/{pollguid}

ConfluenceBaseURL is the URL of your Confluence instance.


The URL parameter should be replaced with guid of the poll.

  • pollguid - GUID of the poll *

Example request URL


Example response

"result": "ok",
"guid": "f2945cb488a341198bb7ecf173f5db07",
"status": "200"

Error codes


Cause of error

Message displayed


Cause of error

Message displayed


Poll with given poll GUID is not found.

Operation failed with error poll not found.


User is not permitted to perform a particular operation.

Operation failed with error not allowed.


Invalid user credentials.

Operation failed with error unauthorized.