Jira Project Configuration Clean-up and Performance tuning


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Large Jira instances often contain hundreds or thousands of custom fields, workflows, screens, and other types of Jira configuration elements. Jira's flexible nature accommodates the need to tailor the configuration of the system based on the unique processes and operational needs of any business. However, this level of flexibility causes a tremendous diversity among data dimensions, and each data dimension can influence Jira's speed.

Two significant factors impact the speed of any Jira server:

  • The increasing number of issues.

  • The increasing number of custom fields and other configuration elements.

The first factor is handled by the Configuration Manager's archive use case, which enables admins to regularly archive old issues, thus tuning the performance of their Jira servers.

As for the second major factor - an increased number of custom fields and other configuration elements - it is handled by Power Admin for Jira and its capabilities for conducting performance tuning and effective, error-free cleanup.


Power Admin for Jira allows you to perform:

  • Performance tuning: the ability to identify duplicate or similar configuration elements (e.g., custom field) and reusing them instead of creating new ones.

  • Clean-up: an ability to quickly and easily identify unused or rarely used configuration elements and delete them.

The purpose of this use case is to demonstrate how to leverage the capabilities of Power Admin for Jira to perform a comprehensive project configuration clean-up and performance tuning. This use case offers additional day-to-day value for administrators because it allows them to easily check for duplicate or similar configuration elements before adding them as a part of a change request ticket from users. 

Configuration Analysis & Clean-up

Assessment of Jira project configuration 

As an administrator, when I get a request to add a new configuration element (e.g. custom field, workflow), I want to be able to find out all elements of the same type to evaluate whether I can reuse an existing element, instead of creating a new one.

Large Jira instances are comprised of thousands of configuration elements that keep piling up with each new user change request. With time, the increase in new configuration elements (e.g. custom fields) negatively impacts the speed of the Jira server. The Power Admin for Jira app gives admins the ability to identify duplicate or similar configuration elements quickly and reuse them instead of creating new ones. The powerful search mechanisms of the tool enable you to review the usage of configuration elements such as workflows, custom fields, etc., at a single glance. 

After you trigger the search action, you see a results page listing the configuration elements with their names, IDs, and projects where this element is used as part of the project configuration.

Refine your search

Additionally, Power Admin for Jira enables you to refine your search results further, and find configuration elements in complex use cases or identify problems in your Jira configuration by using the following advanced and sophisticated filters:

This capability enables you to conduct an assessment of the current state of your Jira configuration and make an informed decision that will satisfy user requests without compromising the efficiency or speed of your system.

Jira project configuration clean-up

As a Jira administrator, I want to be able to analyze exactly where and how the configuration elements are used and remove the ones that are unused or rarely used.

Power Admin for Jira gives administrators the ability to quickly and easily search for and analyze the usage of various configuration elements across the entire system. Its powerful filter mechanisms allow for quick and easy filtering of the search results based on the following criteria:

  • Type: select configuration type from the counter.

  • Used in Projects: select the projects in which the configuration element is used.

  • Global context: enable/disable global context as a filter.

  • Used in Issues: counter for the number of issues (< 9) and counter for the last updated date (< 30 days).

These filters give you the ability to refine your search and display only the unused configuration elements. For example, if you want to discover the unused custom fields in any given project, you can easily refine your search criteria by clicking on the Projects filter, and then on the None tab. The filter name will change from Projects to Not Used in Projects, and Power Admin will find and list all objects which are not used in any project.

Power Admin for Jira is an invaluable tool for admins looking to streamline their administration tasks and ensure their Jira system runs smoothly without performance issues and interruptions.