Example 7 - (Video) - How to use argv["query"]

Required apps

  • Power Custom Fields PRO™ or
  • Power Custom Fields

You can use Power Custom Fields for huge data sets. Still, showing all the options, without being able to select them by name can be a torture. So, you can limit the value count and filter them by name selecting the ones which contain those characters.

In order to do this, you can use argv["query"] only if you set the Filtering Strategy (from Autocomplete settings) to Datasource.


See the following example for the routine usage:


Script details

The video used the following script:

string [] issues = selectIssues("created < now()");
string [] res;
for (string iss in issues) {
    if (contains(iss.summary, argv["query"])) {
        res = addElementIfNotExist(res, iss);
return res;

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