App access rule

What is the app access rule?

The app access rule is a new Atlassian data security policy rule that allows organizations to limit access to content by third-party apps in Confluence spaces and Jira projects. The app access rule is currently available in the Early Access Programme. See, for more details.

What happens if the app access rule blocks JSU?

If JSU is on your list of blocked apps, it won’t be able to access issues in any of the restricted projects. You will still be able to configure and manage a rule with JSU, however, if the rule applies to a restricted project, the rule will not run following the transition.

How do I know if the app access rule blocks JSU?

JSU identifies which projects are restricted by the app access rule. If any of these projects use a workflow with active JSU rules, they are identified on the My Workflows page.

Manage the app access rule for JSU

If you want to allow JSU to access projects in Jira you can use an allow list or a block list, depending on how you have defined the default permission for the rule. You can either remove JSU from a block list or add JSU to an allow list. See, for detailed instructions.