Add a Comment to an Issue

This is the documentation for JSU for Jira Cloud. If you are using JSU for Jira Server or Jira Data Center, see this use case in our Server/Data Center documentation.


Create an automation for an approval workflow that adds a comment to an issue when it transitions to a review status.


You want to add a predefined comment to tasks that are moved to a review status, to let the reviewers know it is ready for their review or approval.


 How to configure this rule

  1. Create a draft of your project workflow. If you're unsure how to get to this page, follow the onboarding steps in Edit a Jira Workflow. You can then view your workflow in Text or Diagram mode. The steps in this use case represent Text mode.

  2. Select the transition for which you want to run the post function. In this case, we are using the Review transition.

  3. On the workflow Transition page, select the Post Functions tab, then select Add Post Function.

  4. Select the Update any issue field (JSU) post function, then click Add.

  5. Complete the required fields to configure the post function:

    1. Update field on all issues related as: select Within same Issue.

    2. Issue Field: Select ***new comment***.

    3. Field Value: Enter the note to be added to the linked issue. For example, Hello!

      This issue is ready for review.

      The Update Any Issue Field post function configured as described on this page.


  6. Click Add at the bottom of the page. The summary of the post function is displayed.

  7. Click Publish Draft at the top of the page.

Test the post function in your workflow

We recommend that you build and test your rules in a test project.

  1. Go to an issue that uses the approvals workflow.

  2. Move the issue to review (or the equivalent status in your workflow). The comment you created is displayed in the Comment section of the issue.

    A Jira issue Comment section displaying the comment added in the procedure described on this page.

This is a simplified example of how to automatically add a comment to an issue. You can change the scope to include linked issues or use JQL to filter on more specific issues. You can also combine the post function with other post functions, conditions, and validators. The same concepts can also be used to add an Internal Note. See Related Issues to learn more.