Copy or Move Attachments Post Function


This is the documentation of JSU for Jira Cloud. If you are using JSU on Jira Server/Data Center, see our JSU Server/Data Center documentation.


The Copy or Move Attachments post function will copy attachments from/to all related issues. You can define which issue should be a source and which is a destination. One or more attachments can be copied to the related issue(s).


Example configuration of the Copy or Move Attachments post function.


Issue Relation

Perform As User

You have different options for defining which issue/s will be treated as source/destination for attachments. Several of JSU's workflow modules provide the option to define the scope for some related issues.
For example, instead of copying attachments from one issue to the others, you might choose to copy them from all linked issues to the issue in transition (e.g. to group all attachments within one issue)

Conditional copying attachments

Conditional copying attachment (controlled by custom field) is always only checked for issues in transition, regardless of whether the issue in transition is a source or destination.