Clone an Epic and its Issues from different Project

This is the documentation for Clone Plus for Jira Server/Data Center. If you using Clone Plus for Jira Cloud, refer the Clone an Epic and its Issues from different Project - Cloud page.

This page provides details to clone an epic with all the child issues from different projects.


Ensure that your administrator has configured the following as a part of the clone configuration for the intended projects:

1.project.<project-1-key>.*.*=<project-1-key> 1.project.<project-2-key>.*.*=<project-2-key><project-4-key>.*.*=<project-4-key>

For an nth clone customization, the respective configuration of the intended projects is:



  1. Select an epic you want to clone in your Jira instance. For example, consider an epic with four associated issues (two of which are from a different project) as displayed in the following image:

  2. In the top of the issue, click More > Clone++.

  3. In the Clone dialog box, select the target project and target issue type and Click Next.

  4. Perform nth custom clone operation as configured in the settings. For this example, project.ZCLONE.*.*=ZCLONE.

  5. In the Clone page, select the values for the fields as required and clone options as shown in the below image:

  6. Click Create.
    The issue is cloned as configured and displayed. The parent epic is cloned to a new epic with all the respective child issues cloned.

If you want to clone the child issues to the same target project you can skip step no. 4. In the example, if you want to clone all the child issues to the ZCLONEOME project, you can skip no. 4

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