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This is the documentation for Clone Plus for Jira Server/Data Center. If you using Clone Plus for Jira Cloud, refer the Customization Information - Cloud page.

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One of the major benefits of the Clone Plus for Jira is the ability to customize clone operations to suit your development process. This capability has been provided since the initial version of the plugin. Now, we have made it possible to provide very sophisticated customization capabilities without programming. It still requires a clear understanding of your JIRA system and processes, but, the implementation can be done via a property-based configuration with average Jira administration knowledge and some careful testing. If you need more extensive customization than what is currently provided, raise a support request with our support team.













Up to 16 unique clone custom clone operations can be defined

  • Name can be customized to reflect the purpose related to your process

  • Each can be enabled independently as required

  • Choose either

    • clone to the same project and issue type

    • clone to a different project or different issue type

  • 1.label = Escalate to Engineering

  • 1.tooltip = Creates a task for Engineering

  • 2.label = Create a Requirement

How to enable and disable clone operations 

Clone properties 




  • Each can have unique conditions that determine when the action is available

  • Generic on condition fields

  • Condition-based on fields

    • project

    • issue type

    • status

    • project category

  • Condition-based on role

  • Conditioning is applied for bulk clone

  • 1.condition.ZCLONE.*.*.* = true

  • 2.condition.*.*.1.* = true

  • 1-plus.role.ZCLONE = Developers

  • 1.condition.*.*.*.newcategory = true

Clone properties 


Clone option defaults

  • Set default options

  • Options available

    • copy attachments

    • copy watchers

    • copy comments

    • copy subtasks

    • copy estimates

    • copy parent versions

    • copy links

    • copy issues in epic

    • copy subtasks of issues in epic

    • copy subtasks estimates to cloned subtasks of issues in epic

    • copy parent reporter

  • option.copyLinks = true

  • 1.option.copyAttachments = false

  • 2.option.copyWorklogs = hide

  • = false


Clone options (additional)

  • Set additional options

  • You can add both custom fields and system fields, such as:

    • copy custom field

    • copy assignee

    • copy summary

    • copy due date

    • copy fix Version/s

    • copy labels

    • copy security

    • copy component/s

  • 1.option.copycustomfield_11060 = true

  • 1.option.copypriority = false

  • 1.option.copyfixVersions = true


Substitution variables

Current issue fields are available as substitution variables for the setting of fields

1.set.summary = BLOCKER: %original_summary%


Exclude field list to prevent copying to clone

In many use cases, certain fields should not be copied to the target issue

1.fieldExcludes = custom2, custom three

Clone properties 


Include field list to be displayed while cloning

In some scenarios, certain fields must be displayed on the Clone UI

1.fieldIncludes = priority, custom2

Clone properties 


Ignore field list for fields that should not be shown on clone screen

In some scenarios, certain fields must not be displayed on the Clone UI

1.ignoreFields = Special

Clone properties 


Mapping fields from original issue to a new value in the target issue conditioned on original issue field values

  • Map to a new project based on the project, issue type, and status

  • Map to a new project based on project and component

  • Map to a new type based on the project, issue type, and status

  • Map to a new component based on the component name

  • Map to a new version based on the version name

  • 1.project.SUPPORT.*.* = ENG

  • 1.component.UI = User interface

Clone properties 


Setting standard and custom fields


1.set.description = Some standard description


Bulk Clone

Clone multiple issues at once to the same project or different project 

The bulk clone feature is available for Data Center only. 

Bulk cloning is a memory-intensive operation.

  • Ensure that the instance’s memory supports heavy usage when multiple users perform bulk clones. Refer to the troubleshoot issues page

  • It is recommended to allow certain roles and/or groups are permitted to use the bulk clone feature to avoid any potential issues.




Getting started

Getting started with customization is the best place to start.

Additional information

Log a request with our support team.

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