Migration guide

This article will walk you through the following questions:


What differences are there between the server and cloud versions of Easy Numbered Headings?

Due to differences between Confluence server and cloud architecture, numbering is applied differently.

On the server:

  • The storage version of the pages has no numbering.

  • Numbering is applied only when the page is being viewed, either in the editor, or when the page is being rendered.

On the cloud:

  • Easy Numbered Headings instead saves a new version of the page with numbering applied. This action is repeated after the next change to a page.

  • In addition, the Numbered Heading Options macro is not currently available on the cloud (but it’s coming soon).

How does migration affect global and space settings for heading numbering formatting?

Global configuration formatting and space formatting data are automatically migrated from server to cloud. (Available since server version 3.1.3 and cloud version 1.0.8-AC)

Can I migrate my Confluence server license to Confluence cloud?

Unfortunately, no. Server licenses are one-time purchases with optional maintenance, whereas cloud purchases are recurring subscriptions. As such, existing server app licenses cannot be transferred or credited to cloud. These are independent licenses must be paid for separately.

If you purchased your Confluence server license directly via the Atlassian Marketplace, you may contact Atlassian support to know if you are eligible for a refund.