Easy Numbered Headings

Support for Atlassian Server Products is ending in February 2024. Consider migrating to Easy Numbered Headings’ Data Center version.

Or, are you planning to migrate to Cloud? Make sure you do not lose your data/configurations in the process. Check out the Migration guide for information on how to migrate the app’s data to Cloud. Contact our support team if you have any questions.

Add numbered headings to all headings in a Confluence instance or space with ease. As there are no macros or setup requirements, the numbering is visible in the editor as well as in the exported PDF and Word pages.

This extension is compatible with the include-page and include-excerpt macros. Included pages inherit the numbering from the host page.

This article provides you with the following information:



  • Seamless automatic numbering

Click a button in the editor to enable page numbering for all pages or just one. Ensure that the behavior is consistent across the entire space or Confluence instance. You can also export to PDF and Word.

  • Numbering in the editor

Add numbering to a page with a single click. Numbering is also displayed in the editor and is updated for all users who are updating the same page.

  • Fully customizable number formatting

Change the numbering style for the heading levels that are numbered.