Overview - Power Editor for Bitbucket

Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like Power Editor) is ending in February 2024.
Are you planning a migration to Data Center? Make sure you don't lose your Power Editor data or configurations in the process. Check out our migration guide for information on how to migrate your data from Server to Data Center. Contact our support team if you have any questions.

One issue that impacts most Bitbucket users is an inability to create, edit and review text files in a Bitbucket repository within Bitbucket itself. Traditionally, these tasks are performed in an external editor. Power Editor for Bitbucket allows you to perform these operations within Bitbucket, eliminating the need to go outside the browser to modify the text files in your repository. This manual provides information relating to the operation of Power Editor for Bitbucket. It is written for developers and administrators that deliver and review content to a Bitbucket project repository.


  • Edit files directly in the browser. Edit button on the README page, the source view page, and the pull request page.

  • Add new files to your repository.

  • Rename and Delete files in your browser.

  • Resolve conflicts between destination and source files.

  • Preview markdown changes before you commit.

  • Commit directly or create a pull request.

  • Enable and Disable Power Editor settings locally in a specific repository or project, and globally across your entire Bitbucket instance.

Go to Power Editor for Bitbucket in Atlassian Marketplace and click Try it free to begin a new trial or Buy now to purchase a license!

Proceed to the Power Editor for Bitbucket user guide for more information.