Power Editor for Bitbucket user guide


Power Editor for Bitbucket allows you to add, edit, upload, and rename the text files in your Bitbucket repository directly from the UI.
All file update actions are supported directly within the UI. Quickly iterate on pull requests from the browser and efficiently address issues without revising files in an external editor.

Power Editor has a toolbar that gives you the ability to bold, italicize, and more with the press of a button. Before committing, preview your rendered Markdown and reStructuredText (RST) files.

Once the change to the text file has been made, you can Preview the change and see how your markdown changes look before you commit, or use View diff to see the changes to the updated file against the original. Inspect and resolve any conflicts before merging.

This manual provides information relating to the operation of Power Editor for Bitbucket. It is written for developers and administrators that deliver and review content to a Bitbucket project repository.

Table of contents