Delegated Project Admin Pro for JIRA

Product Overview

With this app, you can make some Jira Administrator capabilities available to trusted Project Administrators with the assurance that changes affect only the project being modified and individual changes can be rolled back. This allows your Jira Administrators to be freed up from the simpler project administration tasks, while empowering Project Administrators to safely make changes that do not require comprehensive knowledge of how workflows and schemes work.

Some use cases you may find helpful are described below:

  • Allow Project Administrators to switch from one scheme to another to customize their project's permissions, notifications, workflow, etc. This is especially helpful if the Jira Administrator has set up schemes to support several common types of projects their users may need.
  • Allow Project Administrators to do some simple changes to their projects, such as adding issue types or adjusting project permissions and notifications.
  • Allow Project Administrators to completely administer their project (e.g., adding/removing fields, modifying the workflow, adjusting screens, etc.) but in a way that ensures that only their project is affected and they or a Jira Administrator can undo those changes if problems arise.
  • Allow Project Administrators to add or remove custom fields to or from the process template.

The latest release of Delegated Project Admin Pro for Jira (version 2.1) includes two new features  Project Groups and Locks. Collectively, these make it easier than ever to manage settings for multiple projects more efficiently and consistently. Read more in the full release notes.


Our guide for administrators is available here.

User's Guide

Our user guide for Project Owners is available here.

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