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Comma separated list of webhook events. Valid events may vary by Confluence version, hosting type, or other factors. Consult Atlassian documentation for latest details. Known events are attachment_created, attachment_removed, attachment_restored, attachment_trashed, attachment_updated, blog_created, blog_removed, blog_restored, blog_trashed, blog_updated, blueprint_page_created, comment_created, comment_removed, comment_updated, content_created, content_restored, content_trashed, content_updated, content_permissions_updated, group_created, group_removed, label_added, label_created, label_deleted, label_removed, page_children_reordered, page_created, page_moved, page_removed, page_restored, page_trashed, page_updated, space_created, space_logo_updated, space_permissions_updated, space permissions, space_removed, space_updated, theme_enabled, user_created, user_deactivated, user_followed, user_reactivated, user_removed.




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