Adding Images by Link to Templates

This page is about Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Cloud. Using Server or Data Center? Click here.

Canned Responses Pro already supports attachments; however, you can also add images by storing them on an external site if you don't want to add them as an attachment.

Embedding images is available directly from the editor toolbar. You will need to provide a direct link to the image file, and please note that the image needs to be hosted externally and available to the recipients so that it can be displayed in a message.

To learn more about attachments, click here.

1. Navigate to Apps > Canned Responses > Create Template.

2. Scroll to Response content section, and click the button > Image.

You can also insert named links that lead to a URL defined in a custom field by using the “Link from Dynamic Variable” feature.

3. Upload your image to an external website, and paste its URL into the Image Link field. You can change the image’s size by entering a value in the Width in pixels field.

4. Click Insert.

5. Ta-da! The image will now appear in the box.