Smart Suggestions

This page is about Canned Responses Pro Templates for Jira Cloud. Using Server or Data Center? Click here.

Smart Suggestions is a powerful tool that offers response suggestions from your bank of Canned Responses templates and common phrases. This feature can help you quickly find the right answer for your situation and is designed to save teams even more precious time when servicing customers.

To Use Smart Suggestions:

All you need to do is simply turn on the Smart Suggestions toggle and start typing.

The suggestions will pop up as you type, appearing as lighter gray text. You can press the UP and DOWN arrows on your keyboard to go through different options. Press the RIGHT arrow to accept a suggestion, and the suggested text will then become part of your document and you can continue typing.

If Smart Suggestions makes a suggestion that you don't like, just ignore it and keep typing. The suggestion will disappear, and the suggestions you use will be proposed before the ones you don’t.

Smart Suggestions is a part of the Canned Responses editor, so it can be used anywhere Canned Responses is available. You can disable it by turning the toggle off; however, the toggle will always be visible.

Words are predicted based on some frequently used phrases and existing templates in your Jira instance. As you type more letters, new and more accurate suggestions appear, and the more you use this feature, the better its response suggestions will be. We suggest you keep it enabled for the best experience.

How would you like us to improve Smart Suggestions? Let us know! Your ideas, feedback, and suggestions are much appreciated.